#e Food
1308 Burrard St
1000 Cappeech
1012 Beach Ave.
1181 Davie St
12 Kings Pub
395 Kingsway
17°C Dessert Café
2229 Kingsway
3S Enterprise Inc
1275 W 6th Ave
4 Brothers Pizza
1914 Commercial Dr
41 West
2279 W 41st Ave
54th Ave Cafe
7088 Kerr St
6 Degrees Eatery
1590 Coal Harbour Quay
720 Sweets & Etc.
2675 Kingsway
89 Inn Restaurant
6372 Fraser St
A La Mode
1689 Johnston St
A Taste Of Vietnam
1016 W Broadway
A&W Canada
1715 E Broadway
A&W Canada
601 W Cordova St
A&W Canada
6491 Oak St
A&W Canada
1399 Main St #110
A&W Canada
991 Denman St
A&W Canada
467 W Broadway
A&W Canada
450 Robson St
A&W Canada
5778 University Blvd
A&W Canada
7092 Kerr St
A&W Canada
1158 Alberni St
A&W Canada
555 12th Ave W Unit 25
A&W Canada
777 W Broadway
A&W Canada
700 W Georgia St
A&W Canada
2083 Alma St #200
A&W Canada
468 SW Marine Dr
A&W Canada
2033 E Hastings St
A&W Canada
1150 Station St
A&W Canada
550 Bute St
A20 Pizza
648 Main St
AA Plus Restaurant
5207 Victoria Dr
ABM Restaurant Contracting
1772 E Hastings St
1223 Robson St
Abruzzo Café
1325 Commercial Dr
Abruzzo Cappuccino Bar
1321 Commercial Dr
Absinthe Bistro
952 Commercial Dr
Acacia Fillo Bar
1103 Denman St
Actors In The Loop
3137 W 2nd Ave
Adanoi Pub
303 Columbia St
Adelitas Restaurant
5178 Victoria Drive
Adonia Tea House
2057 W 41st Ave
Afghan Horsemen Restaurant
1833 Anderson St #202
Agora Eats Café
2357 Main Mall
Agra Tandoori Express
2138 Western Pkwy
Agro Roasters
550 Clark Dr
Ah Long Sushi
2697 W Broadway
2081 W 42nd Ave
Ajiya Sushi
1822 W 4th Ave
Akira Sushi
1069 Denman St
Al Basha
1937 Cornwall Ave
Al Ritrovo
2010 Franklin St
Alexander Gastown
91 Powell St
AlHadbah Donair
1610 Robson St Unit #105
Alibi Room
157 Alexander St
All Basha
1399 Commercial Dr
Amay’s House
5076 Victoria Dr
Amazing Wok
555 E Hastings St
Ambrozia Lounge
911 Denman St
Ananda Bhavan
2269 Kingsway
Angel Cafe
5995 Fraser St
Anna Lena
1809 W 1st Ave
Aperture Coffee Bar
243 W Broadway
Apple Deli
1610 Robson St
Arbutus Coffee
2200 Arbutus St
ARC Restaurant
900 Canada Pl
Area 51 Cafe
1439 Commercial Dr
Argo Cafe
1836 Ontario St
Arike Restaurant
1725 Davie St
Aroma Coffee
2797 Arbutus St
Arriva Ristorante Ltd
1537 Commercial Dr
Artistry Coffee Shop
2959 W 4th Ave
777 W Cordova St
ASA Sushi
2178 W 41st Ave
769 E Hastings St
Asiano Suchi
1179 Commercial Dr
Ask For Luigi Restaurant
305 Alexander St
769 E Hastings St
At The Waldorf
1489 E Hastings St
1230 Robson St
3618 West Broadway
Athens Pizza
2444 Main St
2445 Burrard St
Au Comptoir
2278 W 4th Ave
Au Petit Cafe
4851 Main St
Avenue One Bistro
2209 W 1st Ave
Axum Restaurant
1279 E Hastings St
3093 Oak St
B.C. Sushi
2126 W Broadway
Babylon Cafe
1156 Denman St
Babylon Cafe
1605 Commercial Dr
Backstage Lounge
1585 Johnston St
Baguette And Co
3273 W Broadway
Bai Bua Thai Cuisine
1-2443 E Hastings St
Baker & Table Café
6414 Fraser St
1016 W Broadway
Balmoral Pub
159 Hastings St E
Bambudda Gastown
99 Powell St
Bandao Pearl Restaurant
470 SW Marine Dr #308
Bandidas Taqueria
2781 Commercial Dr
Bangkok City Cafe
2953 W 4th Ave
Banh Mi Saigon
5397 Victoria Dr
Banter Room
1039 Mainland St
Bao Bei
163 Keefer St
Bao Chau
2717 E Hastings St
Bao Down OV
115 W 2nd Ave
Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro
1184 Denman St #104
Bar None
1222 Hamilton St
Bar One
1759 W Broadway
Barcelona Ultra Lounge
1180 Granville St
1236 W Broadway
Barra 41
2407 W 41st Ave
Bashu Sichuan
1668 W Broadway #205
Basil Pasta Bar
636 Davie St
Bates Restaurants Ltd
3695 Lougheed Hwy
Bayside Lounge
1755 Davie St
BBT Café
5979 West Blvd
BC Kitchen
39 Smithe St
BC's Best Coffee
788 Drake St
Be Fresh Local Market
2951 W Broadway
Be Fresh Local Market
1900 W 1st Ave
Beach Cafe
1155 Beach Ave
Beanstalk Bistro
1496 Cartwright St
2901 E Hastings St
Beijiang Restaurant
3281 Kingsway
Belgard Kitchen
55 Dunlevy Ave
Belgian Fries
1885 Commercial Dr
Bella Pizza
2525 Hemlock St
Bellaggio Cafe
773 Hornby St
Bellagio's Gelato
3075 Main St
Bells & Whistles
3296 Fraser St
Benjarong Thai Cuisine
2120 W Broadway
2505 W Broadway
Benny's Bagels
1375 Adanac St
Benss Cafe
5628 Victoria Dr
Bento Sushi
2015 Main Mall
Bento Sushi
4221 Dunbar St
Bento Sushi
3185 Grandview Hwy
Best Burrito
15 W Broadway
Best Dim Sum Co Ltd
2800 E 1st Ave
105 E Pender St
Bianco Lisa's Kitchen
1610 Robson St
Bibi's Kitchen
418 Terminal Ave
BierCraft Cambie
3305 Cambie St
Big Dogs Street Hots
Davie St at Marinaside crescent
4894 MacKenzie St
Biltmore Cabaret
2755 Prince Edward St
Bimini's Beer Hall
2010 W 4th Ave
Bin 4 Burger Lounge
2996 Granville St
2183 W 4th Ave
Bistro Sakana
1123 Mainland St
Black Echo Coffee
1144 Mainland St
Black Frog Eatery
108 Cambie St
Black Rice Izakaya
782 Cambie St
1032 Alberni St
Blarney Stone
216 Carrall St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Commercial & East Broadway
Blenz Coffee
City Hall
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on West Broadway & Heather St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Helmcken & Hamilton St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on West 2nd & Manitoba St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Denman & Barclay St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Robson & Cardero St
Blenz Coffee
1337 St Andrews Ave
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on West 4th & Alma St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Main & East 26th St
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Granville & West Broadway
Blenz Coffee
Blenz in Wesbrook Village
Blenz Coffee
Blenz in VCC
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on West Broadway &
Blondy's Coffee
1705 W 4th Ave
Blowfish Sushi & Japanese Food
2828 E Hastings St #107
Blue Chip Cafe
6133 University Blvd #1302
Blue Diamond Lounge
45920 First Ave
Blue Parrot
Public Market
Blue Parrot Coffee
4575 Clancy Loranger Way
Blue Sky Japanese Bistro
1815 1st Avenue West
BNS Cafe
691 E Broadway
Bob Likes Thai Food
1521 West Broadway
Boba Monster
5766 Fraser St
1513 W Broadway
Bodega On Main
1014 Main St
Boiling Point
4148 Main St
Bomber Brewing
1488 Adanac St
Bon Cafe
4909 Main St
Bon Crepe
1238 Robson St
Bon Japanese
53 W Broadway
Bon's Off Broadway
2451 Nanaimo St
Bonchaz Bakery Cafe
426 W Hastings St
3211 W Broadway
Booster Juice
under renovation
Booster Juice
555 West Hastings Street
Booster Juice
UBC Marketplace
Boston Pizza
808 Beatty St
Boston Pizza
2850 Bentall St
Boston Pizza
1333 Broadway W Suite 190
1038 Canada Pl
Boteco Brasil Restaurant
2545 Nanaimo Street
Boulevard Cafe
6292 East Blvd
Box Studio
1622 Franklin St
Branas Mediterranean Grill
617 Stamps Landing
Breakfast Courier
191 W Broadway
Breakfast Table
3014 Granville St
Breaking Bean
551 Cardero St
Breka Bakery & Cafe
3750 W 4th Ave
97 E 2nd Ave
Britannia Sushi
1016 Commercial Dr
Brix And Mortar
1137 Hamilton St
Broadway Station Sushi
1638 E Broadway #101
Brock House Restaurant
3875 Point Grey Rd
BT Cafe Ltd
920 Kingsway
Bua Thai Cuisine
1859 Commercial Dr
Bubble Waffle Cafe
Royal Centre
Bubble Waffle Cafe
Royal Centre
Bubble World
1325 Robson St
Bubbles And Bits Tea House
2546 E Hastings St
833 Denman St
Budgies Burritos
44 Kingsway
Bufala Kerrisdale
5395 West Blvd
Buffalo Club
1161 Granville St
Bump N Grind Cafe
916 Commercial Dr
Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen
5083 Victoria Dr
Burdock & Co
2702 Main St
Burger King
Denman Place Ma
Burger King
612 W Pender St
Burger King
Denman Place Ma
101-1100 Burrard St
4434 W 10th Ave
3096 Main St
Burrito Bros
2209 W 1st Ave
Butter Baked Goods Ltd
4907 MacKenzie St
Byron's Grill
1160 Davie St
Cabana Lounge
1159 Granville St
Cafè Calabria
1745 Commercial Dr
Café Ami
855 W 12th Ave
Café FortyOne
5750 Oak St
Café Gloucester
3338 Cambie St
Café One
1088 Burrard St
Cafe Algarve
1683 E 12th Ave
Cafe Bica Inc
1809 Fir St
Cafe D'Lite
3144 W Broadway
Cafe De L'Orangerie
1320 W 73rd Ave
Cafe Delight
943 W Broadway
Cafe Du Soleil
1393 Commercial Dr
Cafe Etico Inc
2747 E Hastings St
Cafe Il Nido
780 Thurlow St
Cafe La Cantina
1152 Denman St
Cafe La Coupole
777 Broadway West #101
Cafe Lokal
2610 W 4th Ave
Cafe Medina
780 Richards St
Cafe Phin And Pho
976 Denman St
Cafe Tica
2408 Alberta St
Cafe Tinh
2522 Kingsway
Cafe Xu Hue
2226 Kingsway
Cafe Zen On Yew
1631 Yew St
Caffé Dé Medici
1389 Venables St
Caffé W
3646 W Broadway
Caffe Barney On Granville
2975 Granville St
Caffe Mira
3136 Main St
Calabash Bistro
428 Carrall St
Cambie Coffee Bar
510 W 8th Ave
Camy's Pizza
5688 Fraser St
7270 Main St
Candia Taverna
4510 W 10th Ave
Canvas Lounge
99 Powell St
Cardero Bottega
1016 Cardero St
Cardero's Restaurant
1583 Coal Harbour Quay
Carp Sushi + Bowl
2516 Prince Edward St
Cartems Donuts
534 W Pender St
Cartems Donuts
2190 Main St
Casa Del Caffe
1085 E Cordova St
Casa Dolce Gelato
510 Nicola St
Casablanca Pastry
555 E Hastings St
220 Davie St.
Catch 122 Cafe Bistro
122 W Hastings St
1234 Hornby St
Cavo Bar+Kitchen
911 Granville St
Cazba Restaurant
1103 Davie St
1022 Davie St
Celine's Fish & Chips
1689 Johnston St
Ceroc Vancouver
1407 Laburnum St
Chachi’s Pacific
701 W Georgia St
4444 Main St
Chambar Restaurant
568 Beatty St
Chance Cafe
3424 Commercial St
Chang 'An
1661 Granville St 1st Floor
1955 Cornwall Ave
2740 E Hastings St
6075 West Blvd
1545 W Broadway
Chatime Langara
6361 Cambie St
Chau Veggie Express
1689 Johnston St
Chau Veggie Express
5052 Victoria Dr
1120 Denman St
Chef Claire's
3610 Main St
1561 Comox St
Cheung Hing Food Co
1364 Kingsway
1796 Nanaimo St
Chi Men
1120 Denman St
Chi Vegan
1935 W 4th Ave
Chicco Dall Oriente
1504 Robson St
Chili Club
1018 Beach Ave.
Chili Pepper House
3003 Kingsway #1
Chinatown BBQ
130 E Pender St
Chinese Food Hong Kong
5728 University Blvd B7
Chipotle Mexican Grill
532 W Broadway Unit 100
Chocoatl Inc
Mainland St
CHOMP Vegan Eatery
2234 E Hastings St
Chong's Restaurant
2532 Kingsway
ChongQing On Commercial
2808 Commercial Dr
ChongQing On Robson
1260 Robson St
Chosun Korean BBQ
3486 Kingsway
3121 Granville St
Chronic Tacos
601 W Cordova St
Chu's Cafe
5555 West Blvd
Church's Chicken
2304 E Hastings St
Church's Chicken
5704 Fraser Street
Church's Texas Chicken
2504 Kingsway &
Ciao Espresso Bar
1074 Denman St.
Cinch Grill
1517 Robson St
Cinema Public House
901 Granville St
Circle K
2515 Hemlock St
City One Cafe
954 W King Edward Ave
City Square
6200 University Blvd
Clough Club
212 Abbott St
Coast Hockey League
280 E 5th Ave
Coco Et Olive
3707 Main St
Coco Rico Cafe
1290 Robson St
Coffee Shop (The)
305 Alexander St.
2550 E Hastings St
Colony Bar Kits
3255 W Broadway
Combo Express Taiwanese
5728 University Blvd B10
Commercial Street Cafe
3599 Commercial St
Como Taperia
201 E 7th Ave
Congee Noodle House
141 E Broadway
Congee Noodle King
3313 Kingsway
Connie's Cook House
2135 W 4th Ave
Continental Coffee
1806 Commercial Dr
Coo Coo Coffee
477 Davie St
Copa Management Ltd
4030 Cambie St
Corduroy Pie Company
758 W 16th Ave
Corduroy Restaurant
1943 Cornwall Ave
Corner 23
4008 Cambie St
Cosy Inn Cafe
4455 Dunbar St
Cottage Bistro
4468 Main St
Cottage Deli Ltd
131 Water St
Crackle Creme
245 Union St
Crazy Dogs
2901 E Hastings St
Creekside Cafe
3904 51st Ave W
Creme De La Crumb Bakeshop & Catering
2955 Virtual Way Suite 110
Crepe & Cafe
3500 W 41st Ave
Crush Champagne Lounge
1180 Granville St
261 Powell St
Cultured Coffee & Tea
555 W 12th Ave
CuppaJoe Coffee
350 East Kent Ave S
52 Powell St
Curry 2U
1689 Johnston St
Curry Point
555 W 12th Ave
Cuu Long Restaurant
3911 Knight St
D & T Taiwanese
1128 W Broadway #201
D'oro Gelato E Caffè
1094 Denman St
D.I.C.E.D Discovery
1515 Discovery St
Daddy's Kitchen
2586 Commercial Dr
Dae Bak Bon Ga
1323 Robson St
Dae Ji
519 Dunsmuir St
Dai Tung Restaurant
1050 Kingsway
Daikichi Sushi Shop
1346 Burrard St
Daily Grind Cafe
2255 Burrard St
Daily Grind Cafe
1500 W Georgia St
Dairy Queen
2940 Kingsway Ave
Dairy Queen
2601 Broadway W
Dairy Queen (Treat)
2293 W 41st Ave W
Dairy Queen (Treat)
3380 Dunbar St
Dairy Queen (Treat)
1217 Pacific Blvd
DALINA Broadway
992 W Broadway
687 Main St
Dallas Pizza Ltd.
613 E Broadway
Darby's Public House
2001 Macdonald St
Dark Table
2611 W 4th Ave
Davie Dosa Company
1235 Davie St
Davie Village Cafe
1141 Davie St
Döner Kebab
1956 W 4th Ave
DD MAU Chinatown
145 E Pender St
De Dutch
1055 Canada Pl #60
De Dutch
410 W 2nd Ave
De Dutch
3192 Oak St
Deacon's Corner
101 Main St
Deacon's Corner Kits
3189 W Broadway
Delany's Coffee House
1105 Denman St
Delhi-6 Indian Bistro
1766 W 7th Ave
Delicious Pho
255 Robson St
Denny's Restaurant
622 SW Marine Dr
Denny's Restaurant
1759 W Broadway
Denny's Restaurant
1098 Davie St
Dentry's Irish Grill
4450 W 10th Ave
Dera Restaurant
664 E Broadway
1935 Cornwall Ave
Desi Downtown
911 Denman St
5750 Fraser St
Dhoom Pizza
6555 Fraser Street
Dijo's Pizza And Panzerotto
2838 E Hastings St #116
Dim Sum King Ltd
854 E Cordova St
2248 E 38th Ave
2149 E 30th Ave
Divino Restaurant
1590 Commercial Dr
Dock Lunch
152 E 11th Ave
Dockside Restaurant
1253 Johnston St
4443 W 10th Ave
Dolce Amore
1588 Commercial Dr
Domino's Pizza
777 Denman St
Domino's Pizza
5522 Joyce St
Domino's Pizza
6469 Oak St
Domino's Pizza
2958 Broadway W
Domino's Pizza
4298 Dunbar St
Domino's Pizza
1138 Granville St
Domino's Pizza
1312 Broadway W
Domino's Pizza
2083 Dundas St
Domino's Pizza
1254 Kingsway
Domino's Pizza
4426 W 10th Ave W
Donair Dude
1145 Granville St
Donair Dude
3209 W Broadway
Donair Dude
164 W Hastings St
Donair Dude
1172 Davie St
Donair King
1028 Davie St
Donair Land
3384 Vanness Ave
Donair Spot
806 W Broadway
Donair Spot
8616 Granville St
Donair Spot
1236 Robson St
Donair Town
5728 University Blvd
Donair Town
1173 Granville St
Donair Town
1433 Commercial Dr
Donair Town Robson
1793 Robson St
Donnellan's Irish Pub
1082 Granville St
Donnelly Group
355 Burrard St #990
Dosa Corner
8248 Fraser St
Dosa Factory
1345 Kingsway
Dosa Hut
7233 Fraser St
Dosanko Restaurant
566 Powell St Unit #100
Double DD Pizza
3510 W 4th Ave
Doux Cafe
1371 Richards St
Dover Arms Pub
961 Denman St
Downlow Chicken Shack
905 Commercial Dr
Downtown Sushi Bar
1205 Davie St
Dragon Ball Tea House
1007 W King Edward Ave
Dragon House
3309 Kingsway
Dragon Lord Café
1947 Kingsway
Dream Sushi
4385 Dunbar Street
Dream Sushi
4401 Main St
Drum Cafe Ltd
9028 Oak St
Dublin Calling
900 Granville St
Dumpling House
3141 Kingsway
Dunbar Pizza & Grill
3348 Dunbar St
Dunbar Sushi
3626 W 16th Ave
Dundas Diner
2077 Dundas St
DVD Palace
3223 Kingsway
561 W 57th Ave
Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
777 W Broadway #108
E-Hak Japanese
1095 Kingsway
Earls Kitchen + Bar
1095 Mainland St
Earls Kitchen + Bar
1185 Robson St
Earls Kitchen + Bar
1601 W Broadway
Earnest Ice Cream
1485 Frances St
East Café
2401 E Hastings St
East Is East
4433 Main St
East Is East
3035 W Broadway
East Kitchen
5794 Victoria Dr
East Side Craft House
1445 E 41st Ave
East Van Roasters
319 Carrall St
Eat Bar & Patio Haraheri
888 Nelson St m101
Ebisu On Robson
827 Bute St
Ed's Daily
686 Powell St
Eddie's Fish Co Ltd
1108 W 45th Ave
Edge Catering
1927 E Hastings St
Edible Flours
2280 W Broadway
Eh! Restaurant
1050 Alberni St #2nd
El Camino's
3250 Main St
El Caracol Cafe
5190 Victoria Dr
El Pulgarcito Restaurant
2522 E Hastings St
1109 Hamilton St
Elma's Kitchen
650 E Broadway
3145 W Broadway
Emerald Harbour Cafe
555 E Hastings St
En Cuisine
4422 W 10th Ave
Epic Lounge
1896 W 1st Ave
España Restaurant
1118 Denman St
Essentia Cafe
3498 W Broadway
Ethical Bean Coffee
1315 Kootenay St
Evelyn's Cafe & Bistro
2176 W Broadway
Everyday Sushi
4572 W 10th Ave
Extreme Pita
Women's & Children Hospital
Ezogiku Noodle Cafe
1329 Robson St #5
3131 Kingsway
6555 Fraser St
5555 West Blvd
2985 Rupert St
3293 Kingsway
e 1v1
1007 W King Edward Ave
Fa Ji Noodles
5438 Victoria Dr
Fable Diner
151 Broadway East
Fable Kitchen
1944 W 4th Ave
Falafel Café
1385 Kingsway
Fami Pho
128 E Broadway
Family Prep Program
3992 Fraser St
Famous Wok
200 Burrard St
Famous Wok
650 W 41st Ave
Far Out Coffee Post
2173 Dundas St
1680 Johnston St
Fassil Restaurant
736 E Broadway
Fat Kee Fast Food
180 Keefer St
Fat Mao Noodles
217 Georgia St
Fatburger Davie
1067 Davie St
Fatburger Dunsmuir
111 Dunsmuir St
Fatburger Waterfront Centre
200 Burrard St #23
Fatty Cow Seafood Hotpot
5108 Victoria Dr
175-628 East Kent Ave S
Felicia's Restaurant
2492 E Hastings St
425 Carrall St
Fets Whisky Kitchen
1230 Commercial Dr
Field & Social
415 Dunsmuir St
Fiesta Pina Ham
8580 Fraser St
Fife Bakery
64 E 3rd Ave
Finch's Market
501 E Georgia St
Fire Pizza
1918 Commercial Dr
Fish Cafe
2053 W 41st Ave
Flying Wedge Pizza Co
3357 Cambie St
Focus Of City
147 E Broadway
Foodie Run Catering
1893 Spyglass Pl
1300 Robson St
Formosa Taiwanese House
1410 W. Broadway
Fortune Restaurant
650 W 41st Ave
Founders' Lounge
1895 Venables St
Four Olives Restaurant
4510 W 10th Ave
1487 Robson St
Fraser Court
555 E 6th Ave
Fraserview Clubhouse
7700 Vivian Dr
French Table
3916 Main St
Fresh Window Cafe
1312 SW Marine Dr
1128 Pacific Blvd
870 W Cordova St
2920 Virtual Way
1927 W 4th Ave
3351 Wesbrook Mall
1541 W Broadway
1185 W Georgia St
Freshslice Pizza
1209 Pacific Blvd
Freshslice Pizza
5128 Joyce St
Freshslice Pizza
2166 Western Pkwy
Freshslice Pizza
2083 Alma St #230
Freshslice Pizza
663 Abbott St
Freshslice Pizza
498 SW Marine Dr
Freshslice Pizza
2418 Granville St
Freshslice Pizza
2529 E Hastings St
Freshslice Pizza
6374 Fraser St
Freshslice Pizza
771 Davie St
Freshslice Pizza
8618 Granville St
Friendly Snackbar
2408 Main St
Friends Cafe
1750 W 75th Ave
Funky Winker Beans
37 W Hastings St
Funky Winker Beans
35 W Hastings St
Fuse Cafe
181 Roundhouse Mews
Fusion Wok Express
1331 Robson St
G8 Taiwan Cusine
8335 Oak St
Galleria The
2008 Bayswater St
Gallery Lounge
6138 Student Union Blvd
Galley Gourmet
1005 Beach Ave
Garden Cafe At VanDusen
VanDusen Botanical Garden
Garden Corner Cafe
2797 Arbutus St
Gastown Residence (The)
36 Blood Alley Square
1938 W 4th Ave
Gemini Tea Bar
1312 Burrard St
Gene Coffee Bar
2404 Main St
1137 Hamilton St
GI Gelato & Coffee House
1535 Johnston St
Gia Minh Restaurant
6181 Fraser St
Giancarlo's Sports Bar
1865 Commercial Dr
Giardino Restaurant
1328 Hornby St
Giga Bite Pizza
403 W Broadway
Gigi Blin
1400 W 70th Ave
Ginger Garden
3211 W Broadway
Ginger Sixtytwo
1219 Granville St
Ginger Sushi
1437 Commercial Dr
Giovane Caffè
1049 W Cordova St
Glory Juice Co.
78 E 2nd Ave
Glory Juice Co.
1066 W Hastings St #100
Glory Juice Co.
437 Davie St
590 W Georgia St
GNA's Cafe Ltd
W Broadway
Go Fish
1505 W 1st Ave
2017 W 4th Ave
Gojo Cafe
2838 Commercial Dr
Gold Train Express
4530 W 10th Ave
Gold Train Express
3236 W Broadway
Gold Train Express
8178 Granville St
Golden Joy Restaurant
4288 Fraser St
Golden Phoenix
2425 Nanaimo St
Golden Swan Restaurant
5380 Victoria Dr
Goldtrain Express
3320 Kingsway #310
Goliath Coffee
780 E Cordova St
Gon's Izakaya
854 Denman St
Gong Cha
386 Robson St
Gong Cha
559 W Pender St
Gong Cha
5712 Tyne St
Gong Cha Granville
823 Granville St
Good Earth
2505 Alma St
Good Sushi
3916 Fraser St
Gourmet Burgers
2901 E Hastings St
Gourmet Wok
1689 Johnston St #106
2517 Guelph St
GQ Restaurant
642 SE Marine Dr
Grace Of India
1284 Kingsway
Grand Chinese Hot Pot
6967 Victoria Dr
Grand Honour Restaurant
5701 Granville St
Grand Noodle Emporium
6133 University Blvd
Gransville Island
1689 Johnston St
Granville Island Brewing
1441 Cartwright St
Granville Island Diner
1517 Anderson St.
Grapes & Soda
1541 W 6th Ave
Great Dane Coffee
6011 Walter Gage Rd
Green Awning Cafe The
1326 E Georgia St
Green Leaf Bubble Tea
5756 Fraser St
Green Leaf Sushi
3416 W Broadway
Green Lemongrass
1086 Kingsway
Green Lettuce
1949 Kingsway
Greenhorn Cafe
994 Nicola St
Grind & Gallery
4124 Main St
27 Blood Alley Square
Grounds For Coffee
2565 Alma St
566 Powell St
4328 Main St
Guilt & Co
1 Alexander Street
Guu Original Thurlow
838 Thurlow St
Guu With Garlic
1698 Robson St
Guu With Otokomae
375 Water St #105
Gyoza Bar
622 W Pender St
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ
888 Nelson St g3
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ
950 W Broadway #201
H2 Rotisserie & Bar
1601 Bayshore Dr.
778 W 16th Ave
Hanafubuki Sushi
1610 Robson St #102
Handi Grill
3618 W Broadway
Hang Out Place The
1652 Duranleau St
Hanoi Bistro
1150 Davie St
Hanoi Pho Restaurant
406 E Hastings St
Hapa Izakaya Yaletown
1193 Hamilton St
Happy Grace MFG Foods LTD
9015 Shaughnessy St
Happy Man Restaurant
5207 Victoria Dr
Happy Sushi
5632 Victoria Dr
Happy Valley
3432 Lougheed Hwy
6673 Fraser
Harbour Oyster + Bar
1408 Commercial Dr
Harvest Deli
2963 W Broadway
Havana Vancouver
1212 Commercial Dr
Hawksworth Restaurant
801 W Georgia St
Health Fare
555 W Hastings St
Healthy Noodle House
2716 W 4th Ave
Heaven On Earth Cafe
853 W Broadway
Heirloom Juice Co.
2861 Granville St
Helen's Grill
4102 Main St
Hello Goodbye Bar
1120 Hamilton St
Helping Hands Movers
2255 W 1st Ave #107
Heritage Asian Eatery
382 W Broadway
Hero Coffee + Market
6363 Agronomy Rd
30 E Cordova St
Hibachi Grill & Sushi
8369 Granville St
Hidden City
E Hastings St
203 SE Marine Dr
Hikari Cafe
5701 Granville St
Hilarys Cafe
1184 Denman St #102
Hime Sushi
4490 W 10th Ave
Hime Sushi
315 E Broadway
Hirado Sushi Restaurant
1431 Commercial Dr
Hiro Japan Xpress
Bentall Centre
Hiro Sushi
555 W 12th Ave
Ho Ho's Yummy Food
1224 Davie St
Hoa Sen Cafe
2522 Kingsway
Hoi An Cafe
5002 Victoria Dr
Holts Café Vancouver
Holt Renfrew Vancouver
Hometown Pizza
6665 Fraser St
Honey Salt
39 Smithe St
Hong Kong Chef
72 E Pender St
Honolulu Cafe
3340 Kingsway #240
Hook Seabar
1210 Denman St
Hot Pie Pizza
4 Powell St
Hotay Bento Bowl Cafe
1610 Robson St
House Of Dosas
1391 Kingsway
Hoy's Wonton House
1202 Kingsway
Hu Tong
2942 W Broadway
Hudson's Landing Pub
1041 SW Marine Dr
Hueky Noodle House
3455 Fraser St
Humblebee Meadery
1575 Vernon Dr
Hustle Pizza Bar Kiosk
1600 Franklin St
Hy Tea Lounge
205-1540 W 2nd Ave
I Darts Color
2287 W Broadway
2525 Heather St
Ice Bar
395 Kingsway
Ice Blue Sky Japanese Bistro
1815 1st Avenue West
Ignite Pizzeria Express
508 W Cordova St
II Mercato
Ike's Café
1961 E Mall
Ikura Sushi
8646 Granville St
Il Domo
1333 Robson St
In House
1951 Glen Dr
In The Moment Coffee
3601 E Hastings St
Incendio Pizzeria
103 Columbia St
India's Flame
555 W 12th Ave #28
Indian Bay Leaf
4890 Victoria Dr
Indian Delicacy
1130 W Pender St Unit 105
Indian Oven
2006 W 4th Ave
Indian Roti Kitchen
2961 Cambie St
Indian Village Eatery
2745 E Hastings St #130
Indigo Age Cafe
436 Richards Street
Ipoh Malay Cuisine
1316 W 73rd Ave
Irashai Sushi
2260 W 41st Ave
IRC Snack Bar
2194 Health Sciences Mall
Iron Kitchen
2639 E 49th Ave
Iron Wok
2083 Alma St
Alexander St
Irori Sushi
3692 W 4th Ave
Italian Kitchen
860 Burrard St
Ivanhoe Pub
1038 Main St
Ivory Tavern
1180 Howe St
J.R Taste Of Ceylon
3929 Knight St
Jack's Social House
52 Alexander St
Jade Lake Seafood Restaurant
2461 Nanaimo Street
Jafe Distribution
2180 Cambie St
Jak's Bistro
238 Abbott St.
Jam Cafe
556 Beatty St
2280 Commercial Dr
Jamjar Canteen
6035 University Blvd
775 Denman St
899 Burrard St
Java Express
369 Terminal Ave
Java Express
675 W 10th Ave
Jericho Beach Concession
3941 Point Grey Rd
Jesselton Venture Inc
3296 E 29th Ave
Jin Chuan Restaurant
3377 Kingsway #4
Jitters Caffe
1966 W 4th Ave
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
6005 University Blvd
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
146 W Cordova St
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
1689 Johnston St
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
2206 Commercial Dr
Joe's Cafe Bar
1150 Commercial Dr
JOEY Bentall One
507 Burrard St
JOEY Burrard
820 Burrard St
Johnny's Pizza Factory
7970 Granville St
Jolly's Indian Bistro
2928 W 4th Ave
Jong Wah Co
296 Pender St E
Joojak Restaurant
3337 Kingsway
Joon's Kitchen
3093 Oak St
1190 W Cordova St
Joseph Richard Nightclub
1082 Granville St
Jubilee Restaurant
6560 Main St
Jugo Juice
202 Davie St
Jugo Juice
200 Burrard Street Unit FC28
Jugo Juice
601 W Cordova St Unit 40
Jugo Juice
1103 Robson St
Jugo Juice
701 W Georgia St Unit FC-3A
Jugo Juice
Canada Line
Juke Fried Chicken
182 Keefer St
Jules Bistro
216 Abbott St
Juliet's Cafe
1905 Cornwall Ave
Jun Yuan Restaurant
5728 Victoria Dr
1138 Davie St
Jungle Café
2293 W 41st Ave.
Just Waffles
3531 E Hastings St
K Cafe
2533 Heather St
Kadoya Japanese Restaurant
1184 Denman St #202
Kafe Europa
735 Denman St
Kahve And Chai
780 E Cordova St
Kahve Coffee
1822 W 1st Ave
Kaide Sushi Bar
1375 Richards St
Kam Wai Dim Sum
249 E Pender St
Kanzo Sushi
82 Keefer Pl
Kaur's Coffee
2406 E Broadway
1509 Robson St
Keng's Foods
1118 Davie St
Kent's Kitchen
232 Keefer St
Kent's Kitchen
5659 Victoria Dr
Kerrisdale Kitchen
6055 West Blvd
1147 Davie St
6487 Knight St
795 E Broadway
2190 Kingsway
KG's Restaurant
851 Denman St
Khai Thai To Go
2184 Cornwall Ave
Kim Express
952 W King Edward Ave
Kim Phung Restaurant
5764 Victoria Dr
Kim Wai Dimsum
249 E Pender St
Kimu Japanese Cuisine
4441 Boundary Rd
Kin Kao Commercial Dr
903 Commercial Dr
Kinemi's Kitchen
7751 Champlain Cres
King Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza
3144 Off-Broadway Bikeway
King's Family Inc
8410 Ontario St
Kings Cafe
2223 Kingsway
Kingsway Deli
1188 Kingsway
871 Denman St
Kintaro Ramen
788 Denman St
Kirin Restaurant
1172 Alberni St
Kisokoma Japanese Restaurant
805 W Broadway #112
Kissa Tanto
263 E Pender St
Kitaya Japanese
1088 Denman St
Kitchen On Main St
3941 Main St
Kits Sushi
1518 Yew St
Kitstaya Sushi
3105 W Broadway
Knight Street Cafe
3911 Knight St
Koerner's Pub
1758 West Mall
Koffee Kona
5698 Victoria Dr
Kojima Sushi
1836 Commercial Dr
Koko Japanese Restaurant
2053 E Hastings St
Koko Monk Chocolates
1849 W 1st Ave
2028 Vine St
611 Gore Ave
Kokopelli Cafe Inc
4593 Dunbar St
Kokoro Ramen
5695 Victoria Dr
Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant
2800 E 1st Ave #211A
Koon Lock Restaurant
6270 Fraser St
Kopitiam Malaysia
3885 Rupert St
Kosta'a Place Pizza
189 W Broadway
Kranky Cafe
216 E 4th Ave
Kulinarya Filipino Eatery
1134 Commercial Dr
Kumare Express
5183 Joyce St
Kung Fu Noodle
682 Seymour St
Kung Fu Noodle UBC
5728 University Blvd Unit B6
Kwan Luck
2516 Kingsway
Kyle's Cafe
2627 Commercial Dr
Kyocha Ya Sushi Spot
1536 Robson St.
Kyuzo Japanese Restaurant
5701 Granville St #112
L & G Bubble Tea
5816 Fraser St
217 Carrall St
3687 W 4th Ave
La Belle Patate
1215 Davie St
La Buca Restaurant
4025 Macdonald St
La Casa Del Artista
150 E 3rd Ave
La Casita - Gastown
101 W Cordova St
La Catrina Tacos
1187 Denman St
La Cigale Bistro
1961 W 4th Ave
La Cuisson Cafe
beside London Drug
La Cuisson Cafe
beside London Drug
La Fourchette Cafe
1951 Glen Dr
La Grotta Del Formaggio
1791 Commercial Dr
La Mezcaleria
1622 Commercial Dr
La Notte Restaurant
3307 Dunbar St
La Patria Cafe
370 E Broadway
La Piazza Dario
3075 Slocan St
La Prep
701 W Georgia St
La Quercia
3689 W 4th Ave
La Ruota Pizzeria
2000 W 4th Ave
La Tandoori
6489 Victoria Dr
La Taqueria Pinche Taco
322 W Hastings St
La Terrazza
1088 Cambie St
La Tortilleria
1689 Johnston St
Laksa King
2546 E Hastings St
335 E 14th Ave
Landmark Hotpot House
4023 Cambie St
Langara Inn
561 W. 57th Ave.
Lanostra Pizza
3296 E 29th Ave
Las Margaritas
1999 W 4th Ave
Laura's Coffee Shop
1945 Manitoba St
Law Courts Inn Restaurant
800 Smithe St 4th floor
Le Crocodile
909 Burrard St #100
Le Do Vietnamese Restaurant
2292 E Hastings St
Le Gavroche
1616 Alberni St
Le Marché St. George
4393 St George St
Le Petit Saigon
2783 E Hastings St
Le Pho Restaurant
2503 E Hastings St
1155 Pacific Blvd
Legato Tea & Coffee
2248 W 41st Ave
Legendary Noodle
1074 Denman St
Leona Fast Food
5728 University Blvd
Les Faux Bourgeois
663 E 15th Ave
Les Grands Enfants
1166 W 14th Ave
Li's China Grill
Unit4 3377 Kingsway
Libra Room
1608 Commercial Dr
555 W 12th Ave #142
LIFT Bar Grill View
333 Menchion Mews
Linh Café
1428 Granville St
Lions Pub
888 W Cordova St
Liquid Nutrition
6133 University Blvd
Liquids + Solids
901 E Hastings St
Liquids + Solids
1550 W Broadway
Little Bubble Tea House
2800 E 1st Ave #104
Little Caesars Pizza
Little Caesars Pizza
5927 Fraser St
Little Saigon Yaletown
1263 Pacific Blvd
Little Seoul
1193 Davie St
Little Tea Shop The
6138 Student Union Blvd
LIVIA Forno E Vino
1399 Commercial Dr
Liza's Cafe
1550 Alberni St
Loafe Café
6163 University Blvd
Lobby Lounge
1038 Canada Pl
LOCAL Public Eatery
2210 Cornwall Ave
LOCAL Public Eatery
3 Alexander St
Locarno Beach Concession
4445 NW Marine Dr
Loku Japanese Cuisine
2280 Commercial Dr
London Pub
700 Main St
Long Table Distillery
1451 Hornby St
Los Amigos Taqueria
1118 Davie St
Lotus Seed Vegan
736 W Broadway
Lou's Grill & Bistro
3357 W Broadway
Love For Pho
3524 Kingsway
Loving Hut Express
1200 Pacific Blvd
6133 University Blvd
Lucky Plus Restaurant
3823 Rupert St
Lucky Taco
1685 Yew St
397 Railway St
Lupii Cafe
7743 Champlain Cres
LuvCravings Cakes & Teas
1731 Manitoba St
Lux Lounge
1180 Howe St
Ma Dang Goul
847 Denman St
Mac Falafel
1859 W 4th Ave
Macau Restaurant
333 Terminal Ave
1938 W 4th Ave
Magma Cafe
6339 Stores Rd
Mahony's Tavern | Convention Centre
Vancouver Convention Centre West Building
Main Dining Room
833 Denman St
2815 Main St
Mak's Noodle
525 W Broadway #17
Malone's Taphouse
608 W Pender St
3144 W Broadway
Mangia Cucina & Bar
2211 Manitoba St
Manila Grill
5179 Joyce St
Manna Sushi
6 E 2nd Ave
620 Davie St
Maria's Taverna
2324 W 4th Ave
Maritime Food Services
1880 Triumph St
Mark & EyeLean's CiTY Cottage
936 1/2 East 17th Ave
Mark's Fiasco
2486 Bayswater St
Market Cafe
898 W Broadway
Market Grill
1689 Johnston St
Marpole Curling Club
8730 Heather St
Marulilu Cafe
451 W Broadway
Marutama Gaiden
2858 Main St
Mary's On Davie
1202 Davie St
Masala Cafe
3211 W Broadway
4376 Fraser St
Master Chef Cafe
2481 E Hastings St
Matchstick Chinatown
213 Georgia St
Matchstick Coffee
639 E 15th Ave
Matsu Japanese
108 Cambie St
Maurya Indian Cuisine
1643 W Broadway
Maxim's Restaurant
257 Keefer St
May Hong Restaurant
2825 Grandview Hwy
200 Burrard St Unit 5
1701 Robson St
3308 W Broadway
4445 Main St
891 Granville St
5728 University Blvd #101
537 W Broadway
2095 W 41st Ave
275 Robson St #211
3695 Lougheed Highway
160 SW Marine Dr
830 SW Marine Dr
1610 Davie St
2391 W 4th Ave
1482 W Broadway
3444 E Hastings St
1965 Powell St
7289 Knight St
5661 Victoria Dr
1527 Main St
2021 Kingsway
2909 Grandview Hwy
Meat & Bread
796 W Broadway
Meat & Bread
370 Cambie St
Mediterranean Grill
1152 Denman St
MeeT In Gastown
inner Courtyard
MeeT In Yaletown
1165 Mainland St
MeeT On Main
4288 Main St
Mein Mao
1578 Robson St
412 Davie St
Mercante Pizza
6488 University Blvd
4424 Dunbar St
3499 Kingsway
Mi Mary's Noodle And Liquor Bar
3188 MacDonald Street
Michi Craft Kitchen
3665 Kingsway #180
Mike's Tavern
303 Columbia St
Miko Sushi
1335 Robson St
Miku Vancouver
200 Granville St #70
Milan's Bistro
1223 Hamilton St
Milieu Cafe
555 W 12th Ave
Milk & Sugar Cafe
3365 Kingsway
Mill (The)
370 E Broadway
5556 Cambie St
1118 Mainland St
Minerva Restaurant
2411 W 41st Ave
Ming Fong Fast Food
180 Keefer St
Ming Yuen Restaurant
4030 Cambie St
181 E. 16th Ave.
Mirchi Restaurant
7964 Granville St
Miss Me Yet
3468 W Broadway
Mitra Canteen
3034 Main St
Miyako Sushi
2341 E Hastings St
Miyuki Sushi
3339 Kingsway
MK Chop Chop BBQ House
5755 Victoria Dr
MLGB E- Sport Club
3665 Kingsway
MOA Cafe
6393 NW Marine Dr
Moii Cafe
2559 Cambie St
Moja Coffee
1102 Commercial Dr
Moki's Pizza
4027 Macdonald St
Molto Bella Cafe
3010 Cambie St
Momo Bubble Tea
3337 Kingsway
MoMo Sushi
1230 Robson St
Momo Sushi
6-375 Water St
Momo Sushi House
833 Bidwell St
Mongo's Stir Fry Grill
2897 W Broadway
Mordimi Bite Of Italy
1123 Venables St
MorningStar Brewing Ltd
1338 Franklin St
Motomachi Shokudo
740 Denman St
Mott 32 Vancouver
1161 W Georgia St
Moulin Rouge
2828 E Hastings St
Moxie's Grill & Bar
180 W Georgia St
Moxie's Grill & Bar
1160 Davie St
MP Social House
3245 Fraser St
Mr Mustache Bubble Tea
8079 Granville St
Mr Red Cafe
2234 E Hastings St
Mr Red Cafe 2
2680 W Broadway
Mr. Sub
2885 E Broadway
Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant
2607 E 49th Ave #106
Muffin Break
2083 Alma St
Mui Garden Restaurant
5797 Victoria Dr
15 E Broadway
Murchie's Fine Tea
1501 W Broadway #110
Murchie's Fine Tea
3309 Wesbrook Mall
Musette Caffe
1325 Burrard St
My Chau Restaurant
1715 Kingsway
My Cup Coffee & Tea
2098 W 41st Ave
My Forno Pizza
1630 W Broadway
My Home Cuisine
5728 University Blvd
My Toan
1412 E 49th Ave
My Toan
Harbour Centre
Nammos Estiatorio
3980 Fraser St
NamNam Restaurant
4191 Main Street
Nana Cafe
3618 Kingsway
Nando's PERi-PERi
2064 W 41st Ave
Nando's PERi-PERi
828 Davie St
Napoletana Pizza
2576 Arbutus St
Naruto Sushi
2763 Commercial Dr
Nebur-King Coffee
1359 Hornby St
Nectar's Coffee Shop
4255 Arbutus St
Nelly's Grill
2061 W 4th Ave
Nero Waffles
1703 Robson St
Net Loft Cafe
1666 Johnston St
2125 Main Mall
New Bhaia Sweet Shop
5740 Fraser St
New Brandiz Fast Food
100 E Hastings St
New Brighton Pool Concession
3201 New Brighton Rd
New Sun Restaurant
2925 Cambie St
New York Fries Park Royal
Park Royal Shopping Centre
New-Cha-Drun 巫山烤鱼
8028 Granville St
Nexus Card Renewal
1611 Main St
Ngoc's Cafe
Victoria Dr
Nice Cafe
154 E 8th Ave
Nick Sushi
2953 W 4th Ave
Nick's Spaghetti House
631 Commercial Dr
1017 W Hastings St
Nirvana Restaurant
2313 Main St
Nishiki Sushi Bar
6501 Victoria Dr
No Way Cafayfay
247 Main St
Nons Drinks
1689 Johnston St
1867 W 4th Ave
195 W 2nd Ave
1525 Yew St
781 Denman St
Nooru Mahal
4354 Fraser St
Northern Cafe
1640 East Kent Ave S
Notch8 Restaurant & Bar
900 W Georgia St
Notturno Restaurant
280 Carrall St
Nourish Cooking School
2245 W Broadway Suite 100
Nuba In Gastown
207 W Hastings St
Nuba In Yaletown
508 Davie St
Numbers Nightclub
1042 Davie St
Numero Uno Pizza
708 Davie St
Nunu's Sandwich Bar
1505 W Broadway
Nusa Coffee
310 W Cordova St
O Sushi
742 Granville St
O Sushi Fusion
2775 Laurel St
O! Taho
4223 Fraser St
O-cha Tea Bar
1116 Homer St
O5 Tea
2208 W 4th Ave
2250 Kingsway
1188 Davie St
Oddfish Restaurant
1889 W 1st Ave
Off The Tracks
1363 Railspur Alley
Ogenki Sushi
4346 Main St #4342
3578 Fraser St
Old Xian's Food
3510 Kingsway
Ole Wings & Tapas
1256 Robson St
Olympia Pizza Kits
3205 W Broadway
Omi Japan
1689 Johnston St
Omio Japan Restaurant
5743 Dalhousie Rd
Omnitsky Kosher
5775 Oak St
One More Sushi.
2155 Allison Rd #222
One Saigon
979 Hornby St
One Under
476 Granville St
Only U Cafe
5737 Dalhousie Rd
ONO Raw Bar
221 Carrall St
Oodles Of Noodles
555 W 12th Ave #10B
Oppenheimer Lodge
450 E Cordova St
Opus Bar
350 Davie St
OPUS Vancouver
322 Davie St
Orange Corner
2257 W 41st Ave
Origins Coffee Roasters
1245 Cartwright St
Osaka Sushi
5728 University Blvd
Osaka Sushi
960 W King Edward Ave
Osaka Sushi
1361 Burrard St
Osaka Teppanyaki
1788 W Broadway #103
OutTakes Backstage Bistro
489 Interurban Way
Ovaltine Cafe
251 E Hastings St
Oven Fresh Bakery
2136 Western Pkwy
Oyster Express
296 Keefer St
P & S Frozen Foods
1238 SE Marine Dr
P2B Restaurant + Bar
1133 W Hastings St
Pacific Crab Co.
1184 Denman St
Pacific Poke
625 Main St
Pacific Poke
2151 W 4th Ave
Pacific Poke
730 W Broadway
Pad Thai Cuisine
132 E Broadway
Panos Greek Taverna
654 SE Marine Dr
Papa Joe's Restaurant
3296 E 29th Ave
Papa John's Pizza
3320 Kingsway #300
Papa John's Pizza
Store #10392
Papa's Eatery
8091 Granville St
Papaya Hut Restaurant
2435 Burrard St
Paper Crane Cafe
531 E Broadway
1505 Robson St
Park May Guy
5763 Victoria Dr
Parker Street Café
985 Windermere St
Parq Vancouver
39 Smithe St
Passion8 Dessert Cafe
3010 Cambie St
Pat's Pub
403 E Hastings St
PawnShop YVR
1117 Granville St
Peaceful Restaurant
532 W Broadway #110
Peaceful Restaurant
2394 W 4th Ave
Peaceful Restaurant
3320 Kingsway #320
Peaked Pies
975 Denman St
Pearl Fever Tea House
2182 Western Pkwy
Pedro's Organic Coffee
1550 Anderson St
Peko Peko
6133 University Blvd #1101
Pelican Seafood Restaurant
1895 E Hastings St
Pepino's Spaghetti House
631 Commercial Dr
1184 Denman St
Pepitas Restaurant
2015 Burrard St
Pepper Lunch
2323 Cambie St
Peqish Food Co.
552 Seymour St
Perks Cafe
39 E Pender St
Persian Empire Grill
8620 Granville St
Persian Tea House
668 Davie St
Pete's Meat Inc
2817 Arbutus St
Petit Ami
1689 Johnston St
Phnom Penh Restaurant
244 E Georgia St
Pho Don
2838 E Hastings St #109
Pho Duy Restaurant
1996 Kingsway
Pho Ever
8178 Granville St
Pho Extreme Xe Lua
457 W Broadway
Pho Goodness
3079 Main St
Pho Goodness
1150 Davie St
Pho Hoang Restaurant
238 E Georgia St
Pho Hong Restaurant
6348 Fraser St
Pho House
2118 W 41st Ave
Pho Hue
5497 Victoria Dr
Pho Japolo
2807 W Broadway
Pho Long Restaurant
3370 Fraser St
Pho Ngon
1801 Renfrew St
Pho Nhuan
2989 Rupert St
Pho Real
2653 E 49th Ave
Pho Royal Restaurant
1855 Burrard St
Pho Thang Long
3710 Main St.
Pho Win
2138 E Hastings St
Pho Xe Lua 24
3346 Cambie St
Phoenix Fast Food
1689 Johnston St
550 W Hastings St
Phoscao Cafe
3007 Granville St
Phuong Anh
3916 Main St
Picasso Café
1626 W Broadway
3010 Granville St
PiDGiN Restaurant
350 Carrall St
Pie R Squared
6133 University Blvd #1501
Pin Pin Restaurant
6113 Fraser St
Pineway Restaurant
1755 W Broadway #103
Pink Elephant Cafe
5601 Dunbar St
Pink Elephant Thai
434 SW Marine Dr
Pita House Restaurant
6196 Fraser St
Pita Pit
5717 Dalhousie Rd
Pizza 604
2444 Main St
Pizza Carano
4241 Fraser St
Pizza City
160 E Hastings St
Pizza Garden
675 Smithe St
Pizza Garden
3033 Main St
Pizza Garden
1042 Commercial Dr
Pizza Garden (UBC)
5780 University Blvd
Pizza Hut Vancouver
2619-2625 E 49th Ave
Pizza Hut Vancouver
1829 W 4th Ave
Pizza Hut Vancouver
4540 W 10th Ave
Pizza Hut Vancouver
8155 Granville St
Pizza Hut Vancouver
6082 Fraser St
Pizza Hut Vancouver
2850 Grandview Hwy
Pizza Pizza
1893 Cornwall Ave
Pizza Pizza
311 E Broadway
Pizza Pzazz
1689 Johnston St
Pizzeria Barbarella
654 E Broadway
Pizzeria Farina
915 Main St
Pizzza Plus Curry
6262 Fraser St
Pj's Pizza Ltd
6109 West Boulevard
Place Vanier Dining
1935 Lower Mall
Plaisir Sucré
2668 Arbutus St
Platform 7 Coffee
2300 W Broadway
Platform 7 Coffee
2331 E Hastings St
Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver (US Departures)
Vancouver International Airport
Pleasant Beans
39 Kingsway
Po Kong
1334 Kingsway Ave.
991 Hornby St
1668 Robson St
989 Hornby St
Polo Kabab Hut
219 E 49th Ave
Pon's Savoury House
566 Powell St
Pop Up Pizza
Popina Canteen
1691 Johnston St
6133 University Blvd
Porto Café
2207 Cambie St
Prado Cafe
1938 Commercial Dr
Prado Cafe
4208 Fraser St
Prego Caffè E Deli
1625 Hornby St
PressBox Pub
2889 E Hastings St
Prince Seafood Restaurant
2881 Grandview Hwy
8363 Granville St
Propaganda Coffee
209 E Pender St
Prospect Point - Stanley Park
5601 Stanley Park Dr
Provence Marinaside
1177 Marinaside Crescent
Pure Delight Café
3236 W Broadway
Q B Cafe
3718 Oak St
1616 W 75th Ave
2580 Commercial Dr
R&B Ale & Pizza House
1-54 E 4th Ave
Raga Restaurant
1177 W Broadway
Ragazzi Pizza Co
2996 E 22nd Ave E
Railcar (Le)
106 Carrall St.
Railtown Cafe
397 Railway St
Rainbow Sushi Express
2526 E Hastings St
2340 W 4th Ave
Ramen Danbo
1833 W 4th Ave
1333 Robson St
Ramen Gojiro
501 Dunsmuir St
Ramen Raijin
401 W Broadway
Ramen Sanpachi
3132 W Broadway
3520 Kingsway
Rap Bar
555 Gore Ave
3170 Oak St
Reboot Cafe
2366 Main Mall
Red Burrito
1700 Commercial Dr
Red Onion Restaurant
2028 W 41st Ave
Red Pagoda
1408 Commercial Dr
Red Pepper Grill House
3207 W Broadway
Red Umbrella Cafe
1707 Davie St
Regent Pub
160 E Hastings St
Relish The Pub
888 Nelson St
Renzo's Cafe
1301 Commercial Dr
Restaurant Yugo
4265 Main St
Rice 'N Spice
1055 W Georgia St
Rice 'N Spice
Harbour Centre
Rice Burger
2630 Sasamat St
Riddim & Spice
1945 Commercial Dr
Ridge Garden Restaurant
4009 Macdonald St
Rinconcito Salvadoreno
2062 Commercial Dr
Robba Da Matti
1127 Mainland St
Robson Mongolian BBQ
1234 Robson St
Robson Sakaba VanVan
1333 Robson St
Robson Teriyaki House
1610 Robson St
Rodney's Oyster House
1228 Hamilton St
Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar
601 W Cordova St
Romer's Burger Bar
8683 Kerr St
Romer's Burger Bar
1873 W 4th Ave
Roots Café
6502 Main St
Rosemary Restaurant
1497 Franklin St
Roti Bistro
1958 W 4th Ave
Rouge Bistro
91 W 2nd Ave
Roundel Café
2465 E Hastings St
Roxy Burger
910 Granville St
Russian Spoon At Harbour
555 W Hastings St FC12
RV's Butter Kitchen
1355 Hornby St
S2 Cafe House
874 E Hastings St
SaBi Tea Arts
3675 W 16th Ave
Sagano Japanese
601 W Broadway M11
6560 Main St
6331 Crescent Rd
Sai Woo
158 E Pender St
Sai Z
3116 W Broadway
950 W. Broadway
Saigon Fare Cafe
203 SE Marine Dr
Sake Maki
1414 Commercial Dr
Sakura Cafe
2389 Burrard St
Salad Loop
2775 Laurel St
Salad Loop
1055 W Georgia St
Salad Loop
555 W Hastings St
Salam Bombay
755 Burrard St 2nd floor
888 Burrard St #102
Salmon N' Bannock
1128 W Broadway #7
555 W 12th Ave
Saloniki Restaurants
555 W 12th Ave
Saltenas Cafe
2261 E Hastings St
Samurai Sushi House
5888 Cambie St
Sapporo Sushi
1709 Robson Street
Sartaj Sweets
6665 Fraser St
Sass Cafe
1167 Granville Street
Satima Fusion Cuisine
2893 W Broadway
Sauder Exchange Cafe
2053 Main Mall
Sauna F212 Steam
1048 Davie St
Sausi's Grill
3005 W Broadway
Save On Meats
43 W Hastings St
Savoury Chef Foods
1175 Union St
Savoy Pub
258 E Hastings St
SBC Restaurant Ltd
109 E Hastings St
Scarlet Supper Club
1216 Granville St
Score On Davie
1262 Davie St
Second Beach Concession
8501 Stanley Park Dr
Second Cup Café
4500 Oak St
Second Floor Bistro
2665 Renfrew St
Secret Location
1 Water St
Sen Pad Thai
1689 Johnston St
1864 W 57th Ave
Seven Happiness
6007 Fraser St
Shabusen Yakiniku House
755 Burrard St #202
Shamrock Bar & Grill
1184 Denman St #102
Shanja Chulha
7273 Main St
Shanshe Dosa House
6560 Main St
Shaolin Noodle House
656 W Broadway
Shi Art Express
650 W 41st Ave
Shift Shakes
1835 W 1st Ave
Shijo Japanese
1926 W 4th Ave #202
Shima-Ya Sushi
5589 Victoria Dr
Shiraz Bar & Grill
911 Denman St
965 Hornby St
Shoom Restaurant
6555 Fraser St
Showcase Restaurant & Bar
1122 W Hastings St
Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen
2066 Commercial Dr
1163 Granville St
Siga Siga
650 E Broadway
Silk N Spice
3035 W Broadway
188 N Renfrew St
Simon's Kitchen
4418 Dunbar St
Simpatico Ristorante
2222 W 4th Ave
Simply Sushi Bar
3309 W Broadway
Simply Thai Restaurant
1211 Hamilton St
Sing Kee Restaurant
3479 Kingsway
8532 Granville St
Sitar Restaurant
8 Powell St
1021 W 41st Ave
Sizzling Wok
555 W 12th Ave
Skylight Restaurant
1012 Commercial Dr
Smart Mouth Cafe
131 Water St #117
Sodexo UBC Corner Cafe
2211 Wesbrook Mall
Soft Peaks Ice Cream
25 Alexander St
Soho Bar & Billiards
1283 Hamilton St
Solly's Bagelry
368 W 7th Ave
Solly's Up Main
4071 Main St
Somewhere Good Restaurant
1205 Pacific Blvd
Song Huong Vietnamese
1613 Nanaimo St
Sophie's Cosmic Cafe
2095 W 4th Ave
Sopra Sotto Pizzeria
1510 Commercial Dr
Soup Zone
555 W 12th Ave
2278 W 4th Ave
Southside Pub
725 SE Marine Dr
Space Lounge
1149 Granville St
901 W Broadway
Spicy Queen
2168 Kingsway
Spin On Broadway
3271 W Broadway
Spoon Kitchen
1909 W 4th Ave
St. Augustine's
2360 Commercial Dr
Stand-Up At The Sylvia
1154 Gilford St
Safeway Grocery Store
2905 Hebb Ave
1795 Davie St
8201 Ontario St
850 Powell St
785 Denman St
1777 Quebec St
Safeway Grocery Store
2035 Yukon St
5504 Cambie St
125 Davie St
3492 Cambie St
UBC @ Life
5761 Dalhousie Rd
Fred Kaiser Bldg
6200 University Blvd
7010 Kerr St
1895 Cornwall Ave
Childrens & Womens Health Center of BC 4500 Oak St
Safeway Grocery Store
3665 Kingsway #190
2348 W 41st Ave
3410 Kingsway
4467 Dunbar St
100 W 49th Ave
8475 Granville St
2193 W 41st Ave
Technical Enterprise Facility
2840 Bentall St
199 Water St
472 SW Marine Dr
3095 W Broadway
Safeway Grocery Store
2505 Granville St
3190 Macdonald St
2690 Granville St
Academic Ambulatory Care Centre
Safeway Grocery Store
2795 E Hastings St
753 Terminal Ave
860 Drake St
1097 Davie St
5603 Victoria Dr
6544 Fraser St
2685 E 49th Ave
Steam Tea
2342 E Hastings St
437 Davie
Steamworks Brewpub
375 Water St
Stickions Bistro
E Hastings St
Stir It Up Cafe
1866 Main Mall
Stock Market
1689 Johnston St
Storm Crow Alehouse
1619 W Broadway
3217 W Broadway
Styo Dessert
907 Denman St
2569 Commercial Dr
2499 Nanaimo St
1055 Canada Pl Unit 32
200 Burrard St Unit # Fc26
5218 Joyce St
610 SE Marine Dr
350 SE Marine Dr Unit #5
846 Powell St
1696 Salt St
1000 Mainland St
1095 Hornby St
Student Union Bldg
2178 Western Pkwy
1162 Alberni St
7176 Kerr St
555 W 12th Ave Unit 17
1807 Burrard St #101
3890 Oak St
820 Thurlow St
5698 Main St
700 West 6th Avenue Retail
3490 Kingsway Ave
3297 Cambie St Unit #2
474 SW Marine Dr
4367 W 10th Ave
6471 Oak St
5623 West Blvd
4108 Fraser St
683 Abbott St
139 W Hastings St
644 SW Marine Dr Unit 101
541 Granville St
2323 Boundary Rd #110
510 W Hastings St #110
2640 Arbutus St
1288 W Broadway
615 E Broadway #8
2827 Main St Unit 3
2801A W 16th Ave
102-1595 W Broadway
3090 W Broadway Unit 3
433 W Broadway
1773 Kingsway
2828 E Hastings St Unit 108
1046 Davie St
2079 Dundas St
6402 Victoria Dr
1255 Granville Street
838 Davie St
6191 Fraser St
7289 Knight St
428 Terminal Ave
1109 Main St
1213 Pacific Blvd
1368 W Georgia St #4
8347 Granville St
2312 Kingsway
2892 Grandview Hwy
1725 Robson St Suite 3
Suga Sushi Japanese Restaurant
5728 University Blvd #201
Sugar Catering
8260 Manitoba St
Sugar Daddy's
1167 Davie St
Summer Dayz
1676 Duranleau St
Sun Sushi
4512 W 10th Ave
Sun Tin Day
5137 Victoria Drive
Sun's Coffee
1207 Hamilton St
Sunday Cider
1575 Vernon Dr
Sunshine Diner
2649 W Broadway
Super Great Pizza
3388 Vanness Ave
Supreme Pizza
6539 Victoria Dr
Sushi 7
3488 Cambie St
Sushi Aji
3339 Kingsway
Sushi Bar Ajisai
2081 W 42nd Ave
Sushi Bar Maumi
1226 Bute St
Sushi Bay
2271 Kingsway
Sushi By Yuji
2252 Kingsway
Sushi California
388 W Broadway
Sushi Coen
1306 Burrard St
Sushi Den
609 Abbott St
Sushi Dragon
614 W Broadway
Sushi Go
7026 Kerr St
Sushi Go
570 Bute St
Sushi Hachi
2245 W 41st Ave
Sushi High
3311 E Broadway
Sushi Hiyori
1348 Hornby St
Sushi Hoon
7974 Granville St
Sushi Howe
738 Davie St
4855 Main St
Sushi Inn
4414 Dunbar St
Sushi King House
8176 Granville St
Sushi Lano
2708 W 4th Ave
Sushi Main
3710 Main St
Sushi Maki
989 Hornby St
Sushi Mania
3851 Main St
Sushi Maro Japanese Restaurant
1168 Mainland St #101
Sushi Miga
4441 Boundary Rd
Sushi Mura
6485 Oak St
Sushi Nanaimo
350 Nanaimo St
Sushi Royal House
2893 Grandview Hwy
Sushi Taku
4902 Joyce St
Sushi Ville
2068 Commercial Dr
Sushi Wow
8273 Granville St
Sushi Zone
1150 Station St
2566 Granville St
371 E Broadway
Suzette's Deli
2180 W Broadway
Sweet Cherubim
1105 Commercial Dr
SweetMee Desserts
5971 West Blvd
Szechuan Chili
804 W 6th Ave
Tableau Bar Bistro
1181 Melville St
Taco Luis
650 W 41st Ave
Taco Star Chili Bar
1399 Commercial Dr
Tacofino Commissary
2327 E Hastings St
Tacofino Ocho
8 E 5th Ave
Tacofino Taco Bar
15 W Cordova St
Tacofino Yaletown
1025 Mainland St
Tacomio UBC
6025 University Blvd
Royal Centre Mall
701 W Georgia St Unit 08
88 W Pender St Unit 2021
Taipel Dim Sum Food LTD
7109 Victoria Dr
Taiwan Beef Noodle House
8390 Granville St
Takara Bune
6459 Victoria Dr
Take Five Café
683 Nicola St
Take Thai Home Restaurants
1736 Commercial Dr
Takis' Taverna
1106 Davie St
Talay Thai Restaurant
8369 Granville St
Tama Organic Life
2828 E Hastings St #102
Tanchau Noodle
2271 Kingsway
Tandem Bike Cafe
3195 Heather St
Tandoori Fusion
2872 W Broadway
Tandoori King Restaurant (Old)
8061 Fraser Street (65th Ave
Tandoori Oven
6452 Main St
Tandoori Palace
1439 Commercial Dr
Tandoori Raj Restaurant
689 E 65th Ave E
Tang Yun BBQ House Ltd
8175 Granville St
Tangent Cafe
2095 Commercial Dr
Taste Of Paradise
1399 Commercial Dr
Taste Of Thai
3629 W Broadway
477 Powell St
Tasty Bites Foods Ltd
9015 Shaughnessy St
Tasty Wok
7180 Kerr St
Tatsu Japanese Bistro
1441 Commercial Dr
Tavern At The New Oxford
1141 Hamilton St
1829 Robson St
Tbisti Grill
6990 Victoria Dr
Tea So Divine
3175 W Broadway
1616 W 75th Ave
Temaki Sushi
2156 W Broadway
2430 E Hastings St
Teppan Kitchen
Harbour Centre
Tera V Burger
2961 W Broadway
Teriyaki Bowl
3648 W Broadway
Teriyaki Experience
1055 W Georgia St
Terra Breads
1605 Manitoba St
Terra Breads
2380 W 4th Ave
Terra Breads
53 W 5th Ave
Teya Grill
555 W 12th Ave
Thai Away Home
3315 Cambie St
Thai Basil Restaurant
1179 Commercial Dr
Thai Basil Restaurant
3271 W Broadway
Thai Basil Restaurant
2184 Cornwall Ave
Thai Basil Restaurant
1215 Thurlow St
Thai Escape
4902 Joyce St
Thai Express Restaurant Vancouver
W Harbour Centre Complex
Thai Princess
3598 E Hastings St
Thai Son
2800 E 1st Ave
Thai Son Restaurant
373 E Broadway
Thai Son Restaurant
6471 Victoria Dr
Thai Son Restaurant
1450 SW Marine Dr
2404 E Hastings St
The American
928 Main St
The Basic
948 Denman St
The Basic
3048 Main St
The Basic
1031 Davie St
The Birds Nest
1507 W 12th Ave
The Bourbon
50 W Cordova St
The Brighton
2471 E Hastings St
The Bubble Tea Shop
1680 Robson St
The Bunker
1348 Robson St
The Cannibal Cafe
1818 Commercial Dr
The Captain's Boil
1487 Robson St
The Captain's Boil
3309 Kingsway
The Cascade Room
2616 Main St
The Charlatan
1447 Commercial Dr
The Chef's Table
1155 E Broadway
The Cobalt
923 Main St
The Coffee Bar
10 Water St
The Creek
1253 Johnston St
The Daily Catch Fish
1059 Denman St
The Diamond
6 Powell St
The Dime
1565 Commercial Dr
The Diner
4556 W 10th Ave
The Dirty Penny
1601 Commercial Dr
The Drive Coffee Bar
1670 Commercial Dr
The Eatery
3431 W Broadway
The Ellis
2204 York Ave
The Federal Store
2601 Quebec St
The Firewood Café
3004 Cambie St
The Fish Counter
3825 Main St
The Flying Pig Yaletown
1168 Hamilton St
The Flying Rose
1517 Robson St
The Foundation
2301 Main St
The Fringe Café
3124 W Broadway
The Galley Patio & Grill
1300 Discovery St
The Good Stuff Smoothie Shop
4515 West 10th Avenue
The Greek By Anatoli
1043 Mainland St
The Greek Gastown
221 Carrall St
The Heatley
696 E Hastings St
The Hindenburg
23 W Cordova St
The Hoke Poke
1834 W 4th Ave
The Hungry Nomad
2205 Lower Mall
The Juice Truck Cafe
1022 Mainland Avenue
The Juice Truck Yaletown
1022 Mainland St
The Kitchen
2620 Sasamat St
The Last Serve
4867 Ontario St
The Law Courts Inn Restaurant
500-800 Smithe St 4th floor
The Liberty Distillery
1494 Old Bridge St
The Lido
518 E Broadway
The Little Coffee House
8260 Manitoba St
The Lobster Man
1807 Mast Tower Rd
The Loop Cafe At CIRS
2260 West Mall
The Mackenzie Room
415 Powell St
The Main
4210 Main St
The Marquis Bar And Grill
2666 Granville St
The Mighty Oak
198 W 18th Ave
The Monster Bash
8273 Ross Street
The Morrissey
1227 Granville St
The Naam
2724 W 4th Ave
The Narrow Lounge
1898 Main St
The New Oxford
1144 Homer St
The Niche Café
2212 Main Mall
The Only Cafe
2678 W 4th Ave
The Palm Tree Restaurant
724 Kingsway ave
The Park Pub
1755 Davie St
The Pit
6133 University Blvd
The Pizza King
1464 E Broadway
The Place Restaurant
8028 Granville St
The Point
MD 2205 Lower Mall Building 6
The Poke Guy
420 Richards St
The Portside Pub
7 Alexander St
The Praguery Ice Cream Truck
1690 Columbia St #1634
The Pumpjack Pub
1167 Davie St
The Ramen Butcher
223 Georgia St
The Red Wagon
2128 E Hastings St
The Refinery
1115 Granville St
The Regal Beagle
2283 W Broadway
The Rolling Cashew
401 Industrial Ave
The Rustic Llama Cafe
3675 E Hastings St
The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant
1535 Johnston Street
The Soup House
5763 Victoria Dr
The Templeton
1087 Granville St
The Tiki Bar
1489 E Hastings St
The Uncommon Cafe
477 Powell St
The Union
219 Union St
The Victor
39 Smithe St
The Wallflower
2420 Main St
The Well Cafe
5800 University Blvd
The Wicklow Pub
610 Stamps Landing
The Winking Judge Pub
888 Burrard St
The Wise
1882 Adanac St
The Wolf & Hound
3617 W Broadway
The Yale Saloon
1300 Granville St
The Yard Cafe
8482 Granville St
Thomas Haas
2539 W Broadway
Thuy Doung Cafe
2269 Kingsway
Tidal Photonics Inc
1755 W Broadway
1157 Davie St
Tim Hortons
200 Burrard St
Tim Hortons
195 Terminal Ave
Tim Hortons
2889 E 12th Ave
Tim Hortons
1001 Denman St
Tim Hortons
6525 Oak St
Tim Hortons
818 W 6th Ave
Tim Hortons
Foodsrvc-trek Exp
Tim Hortons
5702 Granville St
Tim Hortons
865 W Broadway
Tim Hortons
4500 Oak St
Tim Hortons
3451 Kingsway
Tim Hortons
100 W 49th Ave 1st Floor
Tim Hortons
2225 W 41st Ave W
Tim Hortons
2424 Main Mall
Tim Hortons
3463 Dunbar St
Tim Hortons
3312 Grandview Hwy
Tim Hortons
487 Interurban Way
Tim Hortons
6501 Main St
Tim Hortons
5896 Fraser St
Tim Hortons
3102 W Broadway
Tim Hortons
4064 Fraser St
Tim Hortons
1595 W Broadway Unit 101
Tim Hortons
3502 E Hastings St
Tim Hortons
3205 Arbutus St
Tim Hortons
1299 Robson St
Tim Hortons
1635 Commercial Dr
Tim Hortons
1205 Burrard St
Tim Hortons
463 Robson St
Tim Hortons
756 Davie St
Tim Hortons
2001 Kingsway
Tim Hortons
306 Terminal Ave
Timber Bistro & Books
2700 East Broadway
Time Square
2750 Heather St
Timpo Mongolian BBQ
5728 University Blvd
1379 Howe St
Togo Sushi UBC
3380 Shrum Lane
Tojo's Restaurant
1133 W Broadway
Tokiwa Sushi
3720 Oak St
Toko Foods Ltd
223 W 7th Ave
Tokyo Joe's
955 Helmcken St
Tokyo John Sushi
3365 Cambie St
Tokyo One Sushi
4443 W 10th Ave
1128 W Broadway #201
Tony's Coffee
805 W Broadway
Top's Restaurant
2790 Kingsway
958 Main St
735 Denman St
Toshi Sushi
181 E 16th Ave
Trackers Cafe
188 N Renfrew St
4216 Main St
Trang Tien Restaurant
4197 Fraser St
1850 W 4th Ave
227 East Georgia St
Trees Organic Coffee
450 Granville St
Tri-Countries Food Ltd
2516 Prince Edward St
Triple O's
196 SE Marine Dr
Triple O's
The University of British Columbia
Triple O's
1881 Cornwall Ave
Triple O's Bentall Center
1055 Dunsmuir St Unit 407B
Triple O's PNE
2901 E Hastings St
Triple O's Science World
1455 Quebec St #55
Trixi's Crêpe Café
3306 Cambie St
2975 Cambie St
Truck Stop Cafe
1046 Clark Dr
Truck Stop Diner
295 E 1st Ave #1200
Trung Nguyen Cafe
1441 Kingsway
TurF Kitsilano (KITS)
2041 W 4th Ave
Turks Coffee Exchange
1276 Commercial Dr #1
TWB - The Wine Bar
1167 Marinaside Crescent
Twisted Fork
213 Carrall St
Two Brothers Restaurant & Cafe
8532 Granville Street
Two Cows Coffee Ltd
1089 Marinaside Cres
Two Parrots Bar & Grill
1202 Granville St
Two Tarts Cafe
3195 Granville St
Ukrainian Village
815 Denman St
Umeda Japanese Cuisine
1157 Granville St
Umi Sushi Express
Waterfront Centre
Umi Sushi Express
Pacific Centre
Uncle Abe's
3032 Main St
Uncle Fatih’s Pizza - UBC
6045 University Blvd
Uncle Henry Cafe
547 Hastings St E
Union Market
810 Union St
University Golf Club
5185 University Blvd
1110 Howe St
Urban Fare
305 Bute St
Urban Rush Cafe
1040 Denman St
Urban Thai Bistro
1766 W 7th Ave
Van. Tea Cafe
5688 Main St
Vancity Fried Chicken
1678 Commercial Dr
Vancity Pizza
2411 E Hastings St
Vancouver Donair
933 Commercial Dr
Vancouver Italian
1118 Homer St
Vegan Fried Chick' UN
5932 Fraser St
Vegan Pudding & Co
422 Richards St
Veggie Bowl
2222 Kingsway
2222 Kingsway
Velvet Café
1453 W Broadway
Vera's Burger Shack
2188 Western Pkwy
Vera's Burger Shack
1925 Cornwall Ave
Vera's Burger Shack
1030 Davie St
Vera's On The Drive
1438 Commercial Dr
Via Tevere Pizzeria
1190 Victoria Dr
Victoria Restaurant
6482 Victoria Drive
Viet House
3420 Cambie St
Vietnam House Restaurant
2122 E Hastings St
3106 Cambie St
Vij's Railway Express
1075 W Georgia St
Village Hometown Pizza
7751 Champlain Cres
Village Pub
7725 Champlain Cres
Villaggio Cafe
1506 Coal Harbour Quay
701 W Georgia St
Vina Gourmet
650 W 41st Ave
2296 W 4th Ave
Virtuous Pie
583 Main St
Virtuous Pie
3339 Shrum Lane
Viva Latino Restaurant
2784 E Hastings St
Volcano Sushi & Grill
1991 E Hastings St
Wah Bo Food LTD
7055 Victoria Dr
Wakame Sushi
5830 Fraser St
Wally's Burgers
2661 E 49th Ave
Water St. Café
300 Water St
Waterfall Cafe
845 Avison Way
480 W 8th Ave
3698 Grandview Hwy
10 SE Marine Dr
West End Sushi
1224 Bute St
West Hotel
488 Carrall St
West Oak
1035 Mainland St
Westcoast Poké
463 W 8th Ave
WFM Coffee Bar
1675 Robson St
WFM Coffee Bar
2285 W 4th Ave
What's Up? Hot Dog!
2481 E Hastings St
WHEATchat Bakery Cafe
1103 Denman St
Whiskey Six BBQ
826 Renfrew St
White Spot Dunsmuir
405 Dunsmuir St
White Spot Kerrisdale
5367 West Blvd
White Spot Kingsway
1476 Kingsway
White Spot Kitsilano
2518 W Broadway
Wick's Cafe
1300 W 73rd Ave
Wicked Cafe
1399 W 7th Ave
Wild Sushi
4288 Dunbar St
Willow Cafe Bakery
797 W 16th Ave
Windjammer Restaurant
937 Commercial Dr
Windsor Meats
4889 MacKenzie St
Winebar @ Fiction
3162 W Broadway
Wing Hing BBQ & Meat
5872 Victoria Dr
Wing Lok
2780 Kingsway
Wing's Cafe
325 Carrall St
1162 Granville St
Wonder Meatball Inc.
3461 Fraser St
Woodvillage Cafe
2180 W Broadway
World Peace Café
1829 Victoria Diversion
World Wrap Place
101 Water St
Worldway Holdings Inc
555 E Hastings St
Wrap Time
921 Davie St
1819 W 1st Ave
WWW Chicken & Duck Ltd
5087 Victoria Dr
Y J Lin & Co Ltd
2110 W 40th Ave
Yadi's Medi Grill
1167 Granville St
Yagoto Sushi
2180 W Broadway
Yaletown Brewing Company
1111 Mainland St
Yaletown Gelato
1208 Homer St #122
Yamato Sushi
616 Davie St
Yanaki Sushi
816 W 6th Ave
1598 E Hastings St
546 W Broadway
York Fresh Pizza
1118 Davie St
Yu Kee B B Q Kitchen
2609 E 49th Ave
Yui Japanese Bistro
1185 W Georgia St#102
Yuji's From Japan
2083 Alma St
Yummy Pizza
1168 Davie St
Yummy Shanghai Dimsum
5815 Victoria Dr
Yummy To Go
1711 Davie St
Yuzu Shokutei
854 Denman St
Zaatar W Zeit
531 Granville St
Zabu Chicken
1635 Robson St
Zaccary's Pizza
3150 Oak St
1326 Davie St.
Zakkushi On Denman
823 Denman St
Zawa Restaurant
920 Commercial Dr
Zeenaz Kitchen
225 SE Marine Dr
1136 Robson St 2nd Floor
Zeitoon Restaurant
1795 Pendrell St
Zest Japanese Cuisine
2775 W 16th Ave
1906 Haro
Zookaz Kaffe
2775 Laurel St
792 Denman St
1796 Nanaimo St
642 W Broadway
3399 Kingsway #106
5763 Victoria Dr