A Bite Of Asia
76 Dorchester St
A&W Canada
314 Prince St
A&W Canada
800 Grand Lake Rd
Alexandra's Pizza
1071 Kings Rd
Alexandra's Pizza Sydney
228 Charlotte St
All Star Grille
525 George St
Bento Sushi
272B Prince St
Big Joe's Pizza
281 Townsend St
Big Kahuna Sub
445 Grand Lake Rd
Boston Pizza
329 Prince St
Burger King
125 Keltic Dr
Burger King
390 Welton St
Camel Lounge & Grill
263 Townsend St
Caper Crêpes
1250 Grand Lake Rd
Capri Cabaret
235 Charlotte St
Capt Submarine
1200 Kings Rd
Crown & Moose
300 Esplanade St
D'Addario's Pizza
702 Grand Lake Rd
Dairy Queen Grill & Chill
430 Grand Lake Rd
East Side Mario's
800 Grand Lake Rd Unit 23
24 Rosemount Dr
Flavor 19
1225 Grand Lake Rd
Flavor Downtown
16 Pitt St
Flora's Grill
50 Reeves St
275 Charlotte St
Greco Pizza
1200 Kings Rd
Habaneros Modern Taco Bar
Mayflower Mall Food Court
Hole Lotta Subs
1990 Kings Rd
Hong Fa Restaurant
462 Prince St
Horizon Achievement Ctr
47 Dorchester St
Huang's Restaurant
460 Grand Lake Rd
Jeffrey's Pizza
99 Union St
Judy's Kitchen
14 Dorchester St
Kay's Kozy Korner
264 Townsend St
Kenny's Pizza
1670 Kings Rd
29 Keltic Dr
325 Prince St
Louann's Cafe
319 Charlotte St
417 Welton St
80 Sydney Port Access Rd
31 Reeves St
Napoli Pizzeria
1798 Kings Rd
Napoli Pizzeria
465 Charlotte St
New Moon Restaurant
78 Townsend St
New York Fries
800 Grand Lake Rd
Nourish Plant Plates
180 Fulton Ave
Peking Restaurant
355 Charlotte St
Pita Pit
21 Keltic Dr
Pizza Palace
651 Victoria Road
Port Of Sydney
60 Esplanade
Robins Donuts
1061 Kings Rd
300 Esplanade St
Saucy's Pizza
9 Main St
Sizzling Wok
800 Granite Rd
378 Welton St
45 Weatherbee Rd Suite 104
1102 Kings Rd
456 Grand Lake Rd
403 Charlotte St
1250 Grand Lake Rd
800 Grand Lake Road Fc #2
Swiss Chalet
482 Grand Lake Rd
Sydney River Po
95 Keltic Dr
Taco Bell
29 Keltic Dr
Tasty Treat Drive-In Ltd
800 Grand Lake Rd
The Olive Tree
137 Victoria Rd
Tim Hortons
1250 Grand Lake Rd
Tim Hortons
2293 King's Rd
Tim Hortons
1058 Kings Rd
Tim Hortons
1269 Kings Rd
Tim Hortons
396 Welton St
Tim Hortons
915 Victoria Rd
Tim Hortons
547 Grand Lake Rd
Tim Hortons
1172 Grand Lake Rd
Tim Hortons
45 Weatherbee Rd
Tim Hortons
800 Grand Lake Rd
Tim Hortons
479 George St
380 Esplanade
320 George St
300 Welton St
Zana's Diner
416 George St
Ziggy's Pub & Grill
1167 Kings Rd