70 Pizzeria
2951 Lonsdale Ave
A&W Canada
1199 Lynn Valley Rd Unit 119
A&W Canada
1520 Main St
A&W Canada
1133 Mt Seymour Rd #128
A&W Canada
935 Marine Dr
A&W Canada
920 Marine Dr
Aka Tom-bo
751 Lonsdale Ave
Alberello Pizzeria
115 15th St W
Alisa Japanese
1344 Lonsdale Ave
All Day Cafe
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Alloz Grill
149 E 3rd St
Altitudes Bistro
6400 Nancy Greene Way
Anatoli Souvlaki
5 Lonsdale Ave
Andrea's Restaurant
153 16th St W
Andrews On 8th
279 East 8th Street
Arms Reach Bistro
4390 Gallant Ave #107c
Artisan Wine Shop
123 Carrie Cates Ct #119
Bagga Beans
105-3711 Delbrook Ave.
Basils Coffee
296 Pemberton Ave
Baskin Robbins
1327 Marine Dr
Beans On Lonsdale
1802 Lonsdale Ave
Beere Brewing Company
312 Esplanade E
Belmondo Cafe
2075 Old Dollarton Rd
Bento Sushi
1650 Lonsdale Ave
Better Bakes N'Eats
126 14th St E
Big Bite Donair حلال
1252 Lynn Valley Rd
Birch Food Court
2055 Purcell Way
Bite At The Quay Restaurant & Bar
123 Carrie Cates Ct #217
Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub
1177 Lynn Valley Rd
Blenz Coffee
Blenz in Delbrook Recreation Centre 100
Blenz Coffee
Blenz on Lonsdale & West 15th St
BLVD Bistro
636 Queensbury Ave
Booster Juice
1277 Lynn Valley Rd Unit #161
Booster Juice
333 Brooksbank Ave Unit #120
Boston Pizza
88 Chesterfield Ave
Bowen Pizza Company
123 Carrie Cates Ct #113
Bravo Cucina Ristorante
1209 Lonsdale Ave
Brazza Coffee
879 Marine Dr
Brazza Gelato & Coffee
1846 Lonsdale Ave
Bridge House Cafe
3650 Capilano Rd
Bubble Tea House
2035 Lonsdale Ave
106 W 1st St #101
Buddha-Full • Northwoods
2120 Dollarton Hwy #102
Burger King
801 Marine Dr Unit 700
C-Lovers Fish & Chips
1660 Pemberton Ave
Café Orso
4316 Gallant Ave
Canlan Sports
2411 Mt Seymour Pkwy
Capilano Market
1847 Capilano Rd
Capilano Sushi
1240 Marine Dr
Cazba Restaurant
132 16th St W
CC's Chinese Restaurant
5020 Capilano Rd
Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar
2nd Floor Lonsdale Quay Market
Chicken Chalet Express
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Cilantro And Jalapeno
123 Carrie Cates Court
Cocoa Lattes Coffee Co
644 Queensbury Ave
Connaught Residences & Shops
3220 Connaught Crescent
Corner Cafe
1490 Pemberton Ave
Cove Sushi
449 Dollarton Hwy N
Covert Café & Market
4387 Gallant Ave
Coveside Restaurant
4369 Gallant Ave
Crepe Escape
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Crispy Delight
950 Marine Dr
Critics Choice Caterers
1166 Emerson Way
Curry Point
123 Carrie Cates Ct
707 Queensbury Ave.
Dairy Queen
1260 Lynn Valley Rd
Dairy Queen (Treat)
De Dutch
1634 Capilano Rd
De Dutch
657 3rd St W
Deep Cove Brewers And Distillers
2270 Dollarton Hwy Unit 170
Deep Cove Bubble Tea
4377 Gallant Ave
Deep Cove Ice Cream
4367 Gallant Ave
Deep Cove Pizza
4385 Gallant Ave
DeepCove Osaka Sushi
4355 Gallant Ave
Deepwater Micro Eatery
4369 Gallant Ave
Delany's Coffee House
3099 Edgemont Blvd
Delany's Coffee House
Lynn Valley Village
Denny's Restaurant
2050 Marine Dr
Dex Gourmet Burger Bar
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Doc's Pizza
113 W 1st St
Domino's Pizza
1182 Marine Dr
Domino's Pizza
151 3rd St W
Donair Dude
Capilano Mall
Donair Dude
1709 Lonsdale Ave
Echo Cafe
116 E 14 St
Edgemont Gourmet Meats
3109 Edgemont Blvd
Edgemont Village
3145 Edgemont Blvd
998 Harbourside Dr
Eighties Restaurant
110 W 14th St
El Matador
131 W Esplanade #2
EZ-Vape North Shore
3A-987 Marine Dr
Famous Sushi
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Finch & Barley
250 1st St E
91 Lonsdale Ave
Flying Wedge -Park And Tilford
333 Brooksbank Ave 604-929-3343
Four Garden Grocery
721 14th St W
180 Esplanade W #2
1386 Main St #7
Freshslice Pizza
1199 Lynn Valley Rd
Freshslice Pizza
3111 Edgemont Blvd
Freshslice Pizza
132 Esplanade W
Ga Hyang Ru
1205 Lonsdale Ave
Gelato Express
4379 Gallant Ave
Genji Japanese Restaurant
3650 Mt Seymour Pkwy #153
George's Souvlaki
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Golden Pearl Restaurant
333 Brooksbank Ave
Green Leaf Brewing Company
Lonsdale Quay Market
Haida Catering Vancouver
123 15th St E Unit 121 B
Hanamaru Japanese Restaurant
1199 Lynn Valley Rd
Hanugin Mongolian BBQ
1604 Lonsdale Ave
Harbourside Cafe
828 Harbourside Dr
Haru Sushi
2041 Lonsdale Ave
Holly Food
222 MacKay Rd
House Of Funk Brewing
350 Esplanade E
Indian Fusion Restaurant
2045 Lonsdale Ave
InGrain Pastificio
126-1133 Mt Seymour Rd
Jack Lonsdale's Public House
127-1433 Lonsdale Ave
Jade Garden Kitchen
1195 Marine Dr
Jägerhof Restaurant
71 Lonsdale Ave
Jerry's Cafe
930 W 1st St #110
Jimmy's Fruit And Juice Bar
123 Carrie Cates Ct
JJ Bean Coffee Roasters
333 Brooksbank Ave
Jordan Sushi
1564 Lonsdale Ave
JYP Enterprises Ltd
1829 Lonsdale Ave
Kenaize Cafe Ltd
223 Mountain Hwy #109
2255 Lonsdale Ave
Khayam Restaurant
114 15th St W
Kim's Café
156 E 14 St
Kolbeh Restaurant
731 Lonsdale Ave
Krua Thai Restaurant
1445 Lonsdale Ave
Kypriaki Mediterranean Grill
1346 Marine Dr #106
La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop
213 - 1305 Welch St
La Zuppa
1544 Lonsdale Ave
Lion Hot Pot Ltd
1356 Marine Dr
Little Caesars Pizza
3662 Mt Seymour Pkwy
Little Tokyo Sushi
152 Chadwick Ct
Lonsdale Kebab
106 13th St W
148 2nd St E
Lunch Bucket Deli The
152 Pemberton Ave
Lupin's Cafe
Grouse Grind
Mama's Italian Café
151 Riverside Dr
Mana Cafe
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Manchu Wok
935 Marine Dr #11
Maru Korean Bistro
125 E 2nd St E
1200 Lynn Valley Rd #100
2001 Lonsdale Ave
1366 Main St
2601 Westview Dr C600
925 Marine Drive Wal-Mart - Capilano Mall
1219 Marine Dr
157 Chadwick Ct
Meat At O'Neills
144 Lonsdale Ave
Mehman Restaurant
1451 Lonsdale Ave
Menchie's Lonsdale
100 2nd St E
Mix Lounge
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Moja Coffee
1412 Rupert St
Momiji Japanese Cuisine
3720 Mt Seymour Pkwy
Montgomery's Fish & Chips
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Morning Star Bubble Tea
998 Harbourside Dr #104
Mr Sushi
1250 Lynn Valley Rd
Mr. Sushi Lonsdale
105 Lonsdale Ave
Mumbai Masala Restaurant
333 Brooksbank Ave #770
Myrtle Concession
Cove Cliff Rd
Mythos Taverna
132 3rd St W
Nayeb Restaurant
1805 Lonsdale Ave
Nektar's Pizza & Greek Food
397 Dollarton Hwy N
Neumeyer Enterprises
1500 Ostler Ct
Nobu Japanese Sushi
3197 Edgemont Blvd
North Grill The
150 Esplanade W
Northlands Bar & Grill
3400 Anne Macdonald Way
Open Door Papas
4387 Gallant Ave
Palki Restaurant
116 15th St E
Papa John's Pizza
1233 Lynn Valley Rd #119
Pawan’s Indian Kitchen
1925 Lonsdale Ave
Pegsters Coffee Shop
1111 Lonsdale Ave
Persia Restaurant
1805 Lonsdale Ave
Persian Ministries
116 3rd St E
Pho Bon Mua
109 2nd St E
Pho Garden
1469 Marine Dr
Pho Japolo
2070 Marine Dr
Pho Spot
1442 Lonsdale Ave
Pier European Gourmet
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Pier Gelato Cafe
129 E Esplanade
Pine Sushi Square
935 Marine Dr #18
Pizza Garden
1596 Lonsdale Ave
Pizza Hut N. Vancouver
2988 Mountain Hwy
Pizza Hut N. Vancouver
879 Marine Dr #640
Pizza Pizza
715 Marine Dr
1331 Main St
Queens Cross Beer & Wine Store
2989 Lonsdale Ave Unit B
1303 Marine Dr
Raglan's Bistro
15 Lonsdale Ave
Rebellious Tomato
2951 Lonsdale Ave
Red Burrito
1455 Lonsdale Ave
Red Tori
3135 Edgemont Blvd
Riza Enterprises
123 Carrie Cates Ct
1902 Lonsdale Ave
Rock Chute Inn
1700 Mt Seymour Rd
Rosemary Rocksalt
1669 Lonsdale Ave
Rumi House Restaurant
1352 Lonsdale Ave
S'wich Cafe
644 Queensbury Ave
Saporita Pizzeria
1633 Capilano Rd
Scratch Kitchen
437 Dollarton Hwy N
Seymour Grille Room
3723 Mt Seymour Pkwy
Seymour's Pub & Grill
720 Lillooet Rd
Sharkey's Chop House
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Sizzling Wok
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Smoke And Bones BBQ
999 Marine Dr
Sorry Coffee Co.
4342 Gallant Ave
Spicy Ginger Kitchen
1022 Deep Cove Rd
Spicy House
2039 Lonsdale Ave
6400 Nancy Greene Way
1701 Lonsdale Ave
2925 Lonsdale Ave
333 Brooksbank Ave #510
1175 Mt Seymour Rd
Safeway Grocery Store
1290 Marine Dr
145 Chadwick Court #151 Lonsdale Quay
Stong's Replenish Cafe
2150 Dollarton Hwy
1256 Lynn Valley Rd
333 Brooksbank Ave #130
2455 Dollarton Hwy Unit 120
1356 Lonsdale Ave
3650 Mt Seymour Pkwy unit 152
3026 Edgemont Blvd
935 Marine Dr Unit 13
1034 Marine Dr
228 W Esplanade
107 E 3rd St
Suki Sushi
143 Chadwick Ct
Sushi Day
333 Brooksbank Ave #150
Sushi Katsu
1857 Lonsdale Ave
Sushi Man Restaurant
1307 Marine Dr
Sushi Mori
4740 Capilano Rd
Sushi One
129 3rd St W
Sushi Town
1227 Marine Dr
1199 Lynn Valley Rd
Table 153
228 Lonsdale Ave
Tafino Gelato Cafe
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Take Five Café
107 E 13th St
Tamarind Hill
1440 Lonsdale Ave
Tawara Sushi
1995 Lonsdale Ave
Tea Time
1418 Lonsdale Ave
The Art House
2663 Terrace Ave
The Baker And Baron
1093 Marine Dr
The Canyon Restaurant
3135 Edgemont Blvd
The Coffee Bun
147 Chadwick Ct
The Crab Shop
2455 Dollarton Hwy #121
The Java Hut Cafe
150 Esplanade W #230
The Lobby Restaurant
138 Victory Ship Way
The Meatery
3108 Edgemont Blvd
The Observatory
Grouse Grind
The Observatory
Grouse Grind
The Observatory
Grouse Grind
The Raven Pub
1052 Deep Cove Rd
The Sandwich Shop
#102 Lonsdale Quay Market
The Soup Meister
123 Carrie Cates Ct #103
Thirsty Penguin Grillhouse
2411 Mt Seymour Pkwy
Thomas Haas Patisserie
998 Harbourside Dr
Tim Hortons
1384 Main St
Tim Hortons
1509 Lonsdale Ave
Tim Hortons
2747 Mountain Hwy
Tim Hortons
106 W Queens Rd
Tim Hortons
1712 Lonsdale Ave
Tim Hortons
2055 Purcell Way
Tim Hortons
194 Riverside Dr W
Tim Hortons
Esso Otr
Tim Hortons
1409 Marine Dr
Tim Hortons
2501 Westview Dr
Tim Hortons
132 Esplanade W Unit 112
Toby's Gastropub
1378 Main St
Tomahawk Restaurant
1550 Philip Ave
Tommy's Cafe
1308 Ross Rd
Tour De Feast
319 Mountain Hwy
Traditional Teahouse Inc
1552 Lonsdale Avenue
Turtle Lounge Bistro
4387 Gallant Ave
V-Nam Restaurant
175 E 3rd St #8
Val's Pizza
154 Chadwick Ct
Valley Sushi
1233 Lynn Valley Rd
Valley Sushi
125-1233 Lynn Valley Rd
1600 Mackay Rd
Vinam Vietnamese Cuisine
123 Carrie Cates Ct
Wally's Burgers
4131 Dollarton Highway
Waterfront Salad Garden
123 Carrie Cates Ct
WELA Progressive Health Bar
132-123 Carrie Cates Ct
1488 Main St
West Of Java
105 1st St E
135 Pemberton Ave
Westview Oriental Restaurant
2609 Westview Dr #108
Westview Pizza&Pasta
778 Premier St
White Spot Lonsdale
2205 Lonsdale Ave
White Spot Park & Tilford
333 Brooksbank Ave #1100
White Spot Pemberton Plaza
1226 Marine Dr #107
Wild Trails Coffee
134 14th St E
Wild Wing
2411 Mt Seymour Pkwy
Yama Sushi
1232 Ross Rd
Yen Jin
116 E. 15th Ave.
Yuko Maki
1540 Lonsdale Ave